How It Works

Proofster is an easy to use peer-to-peer proofreading service that connects students across the globe. It brings together native English-speaking students with their counterparts abroad who want to bring their English-language writing to the next level. 

We partner with well-qualified student proofreaders from elite American universities such as Princeton, Yale, and Georgetown. All of our proofreaders have been hand selected for their excellent proofreading skills. 


Our readers use track changes in Microsoft Word to:

  • Revise grammar, spelling, and sentence structure
  • Check internal coherence
  • Make stylistic edits so that language has a natural flow and exhibits native-level proficiency


When you receive your paper, you can accept or reject these changes with a simple click. 

All submitted work is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Every proofreader has agreed to keep your work private. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Will in English or French ( or Matthias in German (

Writing a thesis in a foreign language comes with some challenges - Proofster helped me to turn them into the opportunity to improve my (future) English skills and to dramatically decrease the amount of non-native wordings within the thesis. Working with them was an excellent decision and I am recommending them to friends of mine!
— Tobias, Nürnberg

Simple, Automatic Pricing

We have a simple pricing model based on how quickly you need your work returned. We automatically calculate the number of words in your document and give you a price quote.



per page (400 words)

  • One-week turnaround
  • €10 minimum



per page (400 words)

  • 72-hour turnaround
  • €15 minimum



per page (400 words)

  • 48-hour turnaround
  • €20 minimum

Move the slider below to see a price estimate for a given number of pages: 


Become a Proofreader

Our proofreaders are undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni at top-tier universities in the United States. In our launch phase, participating proofreaders are hand selected by our founding team.

If you’d like to earn money by applying your proofreading skills, please email


Who We Are

The concept of Proofster was born when two students in Berlin—one American and the other German—made two observations: there is a growing need for proofreaders among German students writing in English, and the availability of high-quality, reliable proofreaders is limited. 

Noticing the hundreds of “proofreader-needed” posters scattered across Berlin’s university campuses, William and Matthias decided to create a platform that would provide a transatlantic bridge—connecting German university students with proofreaders at top universities in the United States. 

During its pre-launch phase, Proofster was accepted to the incubator at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht). This innovation lab provided Proofster with a prime testing ground and a fresh field of early users.  

The team is eager to use technology to connect students across the globe and help make academic writing easier. 

At the end of the day it’s all about building a helpful community—so sign up, join fellow students and submit or proofread! 



Originally from Maine, Will studied French and Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University and completed a master's degree in Public Policy at the Hertie School in Berlin, Germany. In addition to proofreading, Will manages Proofster's strategic vision. He is passionate about using technology to connect cultures and help others improve their English.   




Matthias grew up in a small town just outside of Berlin and is currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. He did his undergraduate degree at the Berlin School of Economics and is currently working on his Master's of economics at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. Matthias' studies have taken him around the world from Japan to Canada and ignited his passion to help international students connect and compete in a global economy.




Ian is a second-year law student at Georgetown University Law Center with a passion for technology, education, and writing. He grew up in Winthrop, Maine, and received a bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. He joined Proofster in 2015 to build our website and help us navigate the international business landscape.  

Let’s stay in touch 


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